What's a Wheelie Buck?

Wheelie Bucks are our way of saying "Thanks" for using Wheeltastic to pimp your ride. We know you could choose any old site on the web and we really appreciate you choosing us. So much so, in fact, that we wanted to share the love, so to speak. Because we love you, man.

How Do Wheelie Bucks Work?

Wheelie Bucks are credits you earn through purchases on our website. Those credits can then be applied to your next order for a discount on your purchase. One credit equals one dollar so if you've earned 20 Wheelie Bucks, you would get $20 off your next order.

How many Wheelie Bucks will I get?

Well, that completely depends. Now, we're going to pull the curtain back from the wizard a bit. We know you think that stores like ours make money hand over fist when we sell you something. We know this because we used to think that too until we actually got in the business. We pictured selling a winch and then heading over to Ruth's Steakhouse to order filet mignon and umbrella drinks to wash it all down with. Then we sold a winch and realized that we could both go to a restaurant with the proceeds only if one of us ate and it was off the dollar menu at a fast food restaurant.

Seriously. Unless you're the Wal-Mart of offroad sites, you're making next to nothing on most items in an effort to be somewhat competitive. In fact, sometimes the superstores are selling it for less than we can buy it for.

All this is to say that we will reward Wheelie Bucks in direct proportion to what we make on an item you purchase. If you purchase something that we made a profit on, we will shoot you some Wheelie Bucks. If you purchased an item we made nothing on, you're not likely to get a Wheelie Buck. If you've purchased something we lost money on, we're in the wrong business and someone needs to let us know.

We credit Wheelie Bucks to your account after your order and you'll receive a notification of it when it happens. You can see what you've earned in your account control panel.

Now, go out and earn some Wheelie Bucks!
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