Brand: Warn Industries
Part Number: WAR38631
Line Pull: 8,000 lbs
Type: Electric
Motor: 4.6 HP
Voltage: 12 Volts
Gear Ratio: 134.1
Rope: 150 ft. of 5/16
Fairlead: Roller

Warn M8274-50 Self Recovery Winch


Product Description

The veteran WARN winch still has the fastest no-load line speed (73.4 feet per minute) and the longest rope in the WARN self-recovery lineup (150' of 5/16 wire rope). Because of these impressive stats, the M8274-50 is the preferred winch for off-road challenge events. Its unique spurgear drivetrain and upright design has proven to be reliable, and its braking system delivers smooth operation with excellent heat dissipation. Roller fairlead, remote with 12' lead, free-spool clutch, and battery cables are included.


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