All About Us! was formed by Charles and Jason Studley, two brothers who have been around all types of things with engines since they were kids. They started their gearhead journey early by helping their dad build swamp buggies while growing up in south Florida and got to play with dune buggies, dirt bikes and classic trucks and cars. While in the military, Charles restored a 1970 Olds 442 and Jason managed to keep a 1947 Willies jeep running as a daily driver, which the MPs on base were simply thrilled about. Charles helped to put himself through college restoring Toyota Landcruisers. Since they've been able to hold a wrench, they've collectively played with 50's Chevy and Ford trucks, Novas, Chevelles, air-cooled VW's, Willys, Toyota FJ's, F-150's, Broncos, Jeeps, S 2000s, RX 7s, and more that their aging minds can't remember any longer. With Charles and Jason being best friends as well as brothers and both having a passion for all things automotive, it was a natural progression for them to start a business centered around the automotive industry together. Living in Western North Carolina, 4 wheeling made complete sense.

We at Wheeltastic know that nothing is more rewarding than seeing your dream project come together! We also know that poor customer service can dampen the enjoyment and spoil the experience. We were suprised at how often we would have to deal with suppliers that had little to no knowledge of their product and we would have to deal with customer service that was sourced in other countries making it hard for the representative to relate to our issues and sometimes to even understand what we were trying to explain. We wanted to change that!

With Wheeltastic, you are dealing with a staff representing many years of experience. We don't promise to know the answer to every question however we have the ability, resources and desire to try to find it for you. We are an American company based in North Carolina and we do not source any aspect of our business out to other countries.

Our Mission statement is painfully simple. We treat our customers like we would want to be treated. In a world of Amazon, WalMart, Costcos and other big box megamarts, we understand that you can always find a product for less money. We also understand that when it comes to customer service in the event of a problem, those outlets are often going to leave you exasperated and frustrated and if you have a question about a product before you hand out your hard-earned dough? Yeah, good luck with that. Wheeltastic, on the other hand, are dedicated to making your whole shopping experience a good one.

If you have a problem of any kind, we will make it our top priority to make sure you are taken care of. Just shoot us a message.

We look forward to helping you build your next project!

Charles and Jason Studley at Wheeltastic.

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